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To the Millerntor without a car.

FC St. Pauli and hvv switch are calling on fans to leave their cars at home when attending the match against SV Sandhausen on 11 September – and to head to Millerntor on foot, by bike or using public transport instead. The FC St. Pauli team also wants to set an example and will travel to the event on an e-bus operated by Hamburger Hochbahn. The bus will go into the hvv's normal scheduled service after the match.

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Hardly any other venue in Germany is as easy to reach using public transport as the Millerntor Stadium: The U-Bahn stations “St. Pauli” and “Feldstrasse” are almost literally next door, and it is not far either to the U-Bahn station “Messehallen”. There are several bus routes that pass right by the entrance, plus various other S-Bahn stations and bus stops all within walking distance. The expansion of the cycle path network in the local area has made access by bike easier too. On top of all that, we also offer free security-monitored bike parking at the stadium, which lots of fans take advantage of on match days.

It’s great that a large number of people already travel to and from the stadium either on foot, on their bike or using the hvv. For the home match against SV Sandhausen, FC St. Pauli and hvv switch are now actively reaching out to all those who still drive to Millerntor by car to leave it at home this time – if at all possible. We’re aware, of course, that some people absolutely rely on a car, perhaps for health-related reasons.

FC St. Pauli and hvv switch have been working together for some time now to promote public transport in Hamburg. It’s not about banning cars, but about making people aware of the viable alternatives to driving that are available. With this car-free match day, FC St. Pauli and hvv switch are aiming to draw attention to this issue and set an example – encouraging everyone to think about how we can travel around in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way. The direction we’re moving in is clear: Onwards and upwards! Forza FC St. Pauli!

hvv, hvv switch, FC St. Pauli, Hamburg, Millerntor, car-free matchday, car-free, home match

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