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to keep Hamburg’s culture scene moving.

Culture moves us all!

It provokes emotions within us, and connects us with people and their ideas. It makes us laugh, cry, hope and marvel. But the pandemic has meant that culture, and cultural life, in and around Hamburg has stood still for far too long. This has hit culture fans hard, but above all it has impacted those who contribute to and create culture, and those who help bring it to life. And although the city’s cultural scene is slowly picking up speed again, lots of artists and those working in the culture scene are still struggling with the consequences of the past year. And those are precisely the people we want to support. With the HVV Kulturticket! Together with the charity MenscHHamburg e.V., some Hamburg celebrities and of course YOU, we want to reinvigorate cultural life in the city once again.

What’s the Kulturticket?

A ticket that gets more things moving! The HVV Kulturticket is a single ticket (Hamburg AB for €4.16 incl. €1 surcharge) that gets you around Hamburg and, at the same time, gets real help on the way to those who need it. Like all other HVV tickets, the Kulturticket is, of course, a valid ticket. Only available up until 31 August using the HVV and hvv switch app. One euro from the cost of this Kulturticket will then go to MenscHHamburg e.V. and be distributed fairly among selected, eligible artists and individuals dedicated to Hamburg’s cultural life.

All artists and individuals in culture-related jobs who live in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region and who need financial support can apply for a grant of €1,000 each. There is an online form to do this below. Alternatively, the form can be downloaded as a PDF, filled out later and sent to

Our partner MenscHHamburg.

We have the experience and expertise of the non-profit association MenschHHamburg e.V. for the implementation of our project. Lars Meier, Member of the Board of MenscHHamburg, commented on the Kulturticket as follows:

This is a fantastic initiative by HVV, which, thanks to MenschHHamburg, will directly benefit the artists and creatives who make our city so culturally vibrant and diverse. This is what makes Hamburg Hamburg – the fact that we all know just how valuable our cultural scene is. And together we will do everything we can to help artists through this period.

The charity was founded in 2011, with the initial aim of raising funds for the UKE hospital’s annual “Kicken mit Herz” charity football tournament. Its focus has since shifted, however, to all people in Hamburg who are dependent on help due to their current life situation. Right now, artists and those working for Hamburg’s cultural scene fall into this category.

Here’s how else you can pledge your support.

Perhaps you’re not so interested in making use of the HVV Kulturticket but would still like to help out by making a donation? You can transfer your donation amount to MenscHHamburg using the reference “Kulturticket”:

Account holder: MenscHHamburg e.V.
Bank: Hamburger Volksbank
IBAN: DE23 2019 0003 0020 0070 00

As per Clause 5 of the German Income and Corporation Taxes Act (KStG), MenscHHamburg e.V. is recognised as a non-profit association and is exempt from corporation tax. Your donations are therefore fully tax-deductible. All donations will, of course, be used in accordance with our statutes. Please refrain from making donations in kind. The logistical handling of a fair and appropriate distribution of donations in kind is currently not possible. Thank you for your understanding!

MenscHHamburg is always open to new creative ideas for how to bring about beautiful moments and make beautiful things happen. Please feel free to submit your idea here to MenscHHamburg.

We’d like to thank all the artists and creatives who are supporting our campaign:

Olivia Jones, Eve Champagne aka Bunny Burlesque, KoweSix & Tobi (Moonbootica), Boris Dlugosch, Galerie Oberfett, Feinkunst Krüger, Alice Martin (Chefboss), Reinhold Beckmann, Jon Flemming Olsen (Texas Lightning, Dittsche), Vince & Volkan von Orange Blue, Dirk Darmstädter (The Jeremy Days), Carola Schaal (Decoder) and Nico Suave.

Apply now!

If you’re an artist or work in the culture and arts sectors, you can apply here for a grant of €1,000. If you’re a singer, musician, actor, sculptor, painter, performance artist, author or photographer. If you’re a group, band or ensemble in an artistic field. Or if you support or teach other people on an artistic level. If any of these apply to you, then please apply. Art is so diverse that we don’t want to impose any restrictions on applications from the outset.

What you do need is a tax number for freelance work. It would also be nice if you attached a few photos or pictures to your application that document what form of art and culture you are involved with. A website is also useful, but it’s not a must. You might want to include a link to the relevant Instagram or Facebook account instead.

Please fill in the online form here on our website and submit your application to our team. Or alternatively you can use the PDF application form. Fill out the PDF form carefully, and then send it by e-mail to our editorial team with the subject line “Application for HVV Kulturticket”. You should also include images or graphics as attachments in this e-mail. Please be aware of the limit on overall file size. Unfortunately we cannot receive any e-mails larger than 20MB in total.

The deadline for submitting applications is 31 August 2021. Together with MenscHHamburg we will then distribute the proceeds from the HVV Kulturticket fairly.

Important: Please only use one of these two application methods (online or via PDF). Formless e-mails or any other forms of application will not be considered in the selection process.

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