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Electrified through Hamburg.

100% electric and emission-free? Yes, it's possible! With WeShare and hvv switch. With hvv switch you now have electrically powered vehicles from the Hamburg WeShare fleet at your disposal. And they are also produced emission-free. With hvv switch you have access to approx. 800 ID.3 with a range of 425 km, 30 min fast charging, 385 lt load capacity and a booster seat. And all this from 0.19 cents per minute. Each journey has a basic price of one euro.

By the way, you can reserve WeShare cars in our app for 15 minutes. If you do not start the rental within this time, the reservation expires free of charge and the car is released again.

To rent a WeShare car, you must be at least 21 years old and have held an EU (EEA) driving licence for at least one year.

You can validate your driving licence in our app. The additional advantage here is that once validated, you can use your driving licence for all our car sharing partners. So if you have already validated your driving licence for SIXT share or MILES, you don't need to do this again for WeShare.

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Of course, you will find all the important answers to your questions in our FAQ.

About WeShare

WeShare is 100% electric car sharing in Hamburg and also Berlin. Like us, WeShare believes that sharing cars instead of owning them means less noise, less dirt and more space for all of us. This works particularly well in urban areas - city dwellers remain mobile without having to worry about owning a car. And to make sure that the city air doesn't suffer as a result, together with WeShare we are focusing on electric cars.

You can find out more about WeShare on our partner's website.

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