hvv Any Beta-Test

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Hamburg's largest mobility solution tested for the first time!

Finally, light in the darkness of the tariff jungle!

With hvv Any you no longer have to think about which ticket you need for your journey with the hvv. Because you simply check into the hvv via hvv switch with hvv Any and start travelling wherever you want to go. hvv Any takes care of the most suitable and cheapest ticket for you and is available in the entire hvv area.

How hvv Any works

  • You activate hvv Any with our hvv switch app before you start your journey, so that hvv Any recognises your starting point in the hvv as well as the bus, train or ferry you are using. hvv Any then creates a ticket for you that covers 100% of your journey with the hvv.
  • hvv Any then remembers your journeys, even if you change trains. So you don't have to do anything actively. Before activating hvv Any, you can add up to four children and/or adults; also within the day for a new journey.
  • You will only be checked out of the hvv when hvv Any recognises that you are obviously no longer travelling in the hvv.
  • In the background, hvv Any will calculate the cheapest ticket for all your journeys. You will then receive an invoice for this on the following day.

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What hvv Any offers

  • Simple, fast and intuitive. You no longer have to actively buy a ticket yourself (in the sense of several steps: Enter A and B, confirm purchase function, etc.).
  • Effortless, time-saving and foolproof: you no longer need to know the fare and don't have to worry about it.
  • Flexible, simplifying and fair: you always travel at the lowest price without having to worry about how much, how long and where you travel.

Be exclusive and the first to participate! Test hvv Any with us!

The acceptance of hvv Any is based on your trust in the system. Extremely high quality and reliability are very important to us. Only with your help can we increase the scope of our tests for the first time and gather important knowledge for the further development of hvv Any. On the one hand, with regard to the spectrum of different journeys - on the other hand, with regard to the diversity of mobile devices. And so we are looking forward to your feedback on the use of hvv Any.

  • You will travel for free on the hvv (area A-F) during your entire participation in the beta test. The hvv Any beta test will run until 31 August 2022.
  • Of course we expect feedback from you on your use of hvv Any. More information will follow after you have registered for the test.
  • You can also take up to four other people (adults or children) with you on your journeys.
  • You can find more questions and answers about the hvv Any beta test in our FAQ.

Test hvv Any now!

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