The mobility concession hvv-m

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Added value for companies and employees!

As a company, you can take advantage of hvv-m to provide your employees with an individual monthly concession for both their work-related and private travel. Your staff can choose between all hvv switch mobility services here: hvv tickets, MOIA shuttles and SIXT share cars. Other services like MILES (car sharing) and TIER (e-scooter sharing) will soon be added to the mix as well. Starting hvv-m only the private usage is possible.

hvv-m can be used as a great perk that can improve long-term staff retention and help attract new employees as well. By using hvv-m, your company can also make an important contribution to the future development of our city, as more and more people are switching to public transport or sharing services for their everyday travel.

Our partner, Deutsche Bahn, provides you with an app for the hvv-m mobility concession which you can use to plan, book and invoice hvv-m for your employees. The budget is made available for both private and work-related journeys, with an AI algorithm that ensures the lowest possible rate of tax is applied.

The hvv-m mobility concession for your employees can then be used in our hvv switch app. They can simply add hvv-m as a method of payment and use it for any travel with hvv switch. Adjusting between private and work-related travel is just as easy as keeping track of and managing the available budget. All your employees have to do is download the hvv switch app, register, and create a user account. The hvv-m mobility concession can then be set as an additional means of payment alongside PayPal. We’ll provide your employees with the personal login details they require for this.

The benefits of hvv-m at a glance:

Customisable for each employee: The monthly budget can be set for each individual member of staff.

  • Directly linked to your accounting: hvv-m will automatically transfer taxation and payroll data to your payroll system.
  • Lowest possible tax will be applied: All available taxation options are taken advantage of, thanks to an intelligent algorithm.
  • Compliant with data protection, of course: Everything is documented in a lawful way for tax and social security audit purposes
  • More choice for your employees: Give them the chance to decide for themselves which mode of transport they wish to travel on.
  • In addition to a company car: Your employees want to downsize to a smaller company car? Great, in that case you can convert the cost difference into a mobility concession.

Would you like to know more?

If you are a company and are interested in hvv-m, please feel free to contact our partner:

Appointments by phone: + 49(40) 3918 1401 (landline tariffs apply)



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