The music video "(always) Together" is a beautiful and exciting highlight of a time in which we are very strongly committed to diversity in Hamburg, Hamburg culture and the people in and around Hamburg with hvv switch.

With the publication of the video, we want to set a statement for diversity and culture in Hamburg.

Idea: Richie Löffler (Animal Tracks) und hvv switch

Artists: Alice Martin, Rob, Matteo Capreoli und DJ Tricky

Composer & Producer: Buddy Buxbaum (Holo Rec)

Director: Nahuel Lopez (Granvista Media)

Camera Operator: Tony El Tom

Set Design: Neele Tschaitschian & Dennis Stöcker

1st AC: Gert Seggewiß

FX Edit: Martin Riedmiller

Sound: Kevin Strauß

Light: Jan Gerlach

Motion Control: Julian Hermannsen

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