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Moving from switchh to hvv switch.

All you need to know about switchh

The launch of hvv switch will see the replacement of our switchh brand and our switchh service offer that has been running up until now. The product known as the “8-Euro-90-Sparpaket” (the “8 Euros 90 Discount Package”) will remain in place though for existing switchh customers, until we start offering a car-sharing service in the hvv switch app. It will no longer be possible however for new users to register for switchh.

What is switchh?

For €8.90 per month, the product switchh offers users SHARE NOW credit of 40 free minutes. When they first register, they also receive a starter credit with SHARE NOW, cambio and StadtRAD. What’s more: customers can also make use of the switchh Points to park partner vehicles, or to change and continue their journey by bus, train or bike.

Contact information for switchh users

If you have any other questions please e-mail info@switchh.de or info@hvv-switch.de. Or, alternatively, you can call +49 (0)40 - 3288 6363.

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