As a MOIA user you can book for up to five additional people. The fare will then be calculated for all passengers and charged to your hvv switch account. Please remember to enter the number of people travelling with you when you make a booking request in the hvv switch app.When it comes to car sharing, you may travel with as many people as there are seats with seatbelts.

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On the hvv switch points you may park all cars booked via hvv switch, i.e. cars of the providers SIXT share, MILES and WeShare. In addition, Cambio and SHARE NOW cars may be parked.

For SIXT share use: You may only park cars from the SIXT share fleet. Cars that originate from the SIXT rental car pool and do not belong to SIXT share may not be parked or parked there.

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For more information on using the charging infrastructure of WeShare, SIXT share and SHARE NOW, please visit the websites of the mobility providers.

If you have any concerns, such as a missing charging cable, please contact the respective customer service directly.

In case of technical difficulties with the charging station, please contact Stromnetz Hamburg on the toll-free fault hotline 0800 / 300 60 70. The hotline is available 24/7. Please note that Stromnetz Hamburg needs the charging point number. You will find it on the side above the charging station.

Unfortunately not. hvv switch customers do not yet receive any payment for refuelling sharing vehicles.

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Currently it is not possible to buy additional insurances with hvv switch. When booking a SIXT share, MILES or WeShare car via the hvv switch app, only the booking with the standard liability limit is possible. Details about the liability limit you can find out at the respective partner.

Good to know: Only the functionalities of the connected partner services offered in the app can be booked via hvv switch. Offers, packages or vouchers of the mobility partners can generally not be used or booked via hvv switch.

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Only you, as the owner of the hvv switch account, are allowed to rent and drive cars. The general Terms & Conditions of the respective mobility provider explicitly prohibit the driving of their cars by any third parties. Unauthorised users drive without comprehensive cover and will be fully liable.

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This can be due to several different factors. Possible reasons that the car doesn’t open:

  • Rental of the car you selected was not started successfully
  • Technical issues

Possible reasons that the car doesn’t close:

  • You are not in “Park” mode or the ignition is not switched off
  • The windows or doors are not closed properly
  • You are not located within the service region
  • Technical issues

Please pay attention to error messages in the app or on the vehicle display. If they don’t indicate the source of the problem, please contact the relevant customer service.

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Yes, you can park during a current rental.

SIXT share

With SIXT share you need the car key, which you will find in the glove compartment. With it, you can lock the doors and move away from the car while the rental is in progress. The cost of the rental continues while the car is parked. At the end of the rental, please return the car key to the glove box and lock the car via the app.


With MILES, the parking mode is initiated via the hvv switch app. A car key is only available on the vans. Please note that parking mode is charged per minute. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.


With WeShare you can of course also make a "stopover". After you have parked the car, you activate the parking mode in the app by tapping on "Activate parking mode". Switching to parking mode also locks the car. You want to drive on again? End the parking mode by tapping on "End parking mode", which unlocks the doors and off you go. Without a car key - there is no such thing.

Note: If you forget to activate the parking mode, WeShare will automatically lock the car (engine lock). When you return to the car, briefly activate the parking mode and then exit it again. Afterwards, you can simply continue driving.

Good to know: The ID models do not have a physical handbrake. Simply activate parking by pressing "P" on the right side of the gearshift and you're done!

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Please make sure that your documents to be validated are valid. For validation, you need a stable internet connection, ideally via WLAN, a working camera and a working microphone. It is best to carry out the video validation in a bright environment so that the documents with the corresponding security features can be easily recognised. If this information does not help you, please contact the hvv switch customer service.