Driving licence validation

In principle, you can change your personal data saved in the hvv switch app at any time by simply logging into the hvv switch app and opening your customer profile. You can then change and save your data accordingly. Please note that altering certain data may result in it having to be verified once again, e.g. your mobile phone number or your chosen method of payment. The e-mail address saved for your account can never be changed. If you ever need to change such information, please contact our hvv switch customer service.

If you have successfully validated your driving licence, you can change your personal data and driving licence data via the app. However, this means that you will have to validate your driving licence again in order to be able to use providers that require a driving licence. You can change the address of your place of residence at any time without having to validate your driving licence again.

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Please make sure that your documents to be validated are valid. For validation, you need a stable internet connection, ideally via WLAN, a working camera and a working microphone. It is best to carry out the video validation in a bright environment so that the documents with the corresponding security features can be easily recognised. If this information does not help you, please contact the hvv switch customer service.

You must be in possession of valid documents and show validation to be able to make use of car sharing services. Whenever you receive new ID documents, you should have them re-validated straight away, or just before you start your journey at the latest.

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If you want to rent cars using the hvv switch app, we are obliged by the affiliated providers of these services to ensure that you are in possession of a valid driving licence. Cars can only be booked and used if all the security criteria have been met and verified in the form of a validation process.

In order to drive with our car sharing providers, you must fulfill the following points for safety reasons:

  • Hold an EU(EEA) /Swiss* driving license for at least 1 year.
  • Driving license must be valid for at least 28 days
  • MILES: Be at least 18 years old or older
  • SIXT share and WeShare: Be 21 years or older

*Only EU/EEA - driving licenses are allowed for the rental of WeShare cars.

You have the option of being validated conveniently via video call. As soon as you have selected a desired vehicle, you will be forwarded directly to the video call after entering your personal data during the first rental attempt. Validation by video call is available to you around the clock and only takes a few minutes.

Please have your driving licence and your identity card or passport ready for the video call and make sure that you have a stable internet connection, ideally via WLAN. A successfully completed video validation is valid for all car sharing providers in the app.

To register for a car sharing service, simply select a car in our app. You will then be automatically guided through the necessary steps. Once you have entered your data in the app and had it validated, you can also use other providers directly without having to enter your data again.

The following data is first stored in the app and then validated via a video call:

  • Full name
  • Registration address
  • Date of birth
  • Driving licence data

In addition, a mobile number and at least one means of payment (PayPal or credit card) must be stored in the app.

Before renting a vehicle, you must confirm the terms and conditions and data protection regulations of the respective provider and enter your four-digit hvv switch PIN. The PIN is required to book a vehicle. Instead of entering the hvv switch PIN for every booking, you can also authenticate yourself biometrically, for example using FaceID or TouchID.

Please note: The minimum age for using SIXT share and WeShare is 21 years and you must have held a driving licence for at least one year. Please note that a higher minimum age may apply for selected vehicle categories of SIXT share. To use MILES, you must be at least 18 years old and have held a valid driving licence for at least one year.

In order to use services that require a driving licence, your driving licence must be checked at regular intervals. We are obliged to check the validity of your licence at least every two years. Once you have re-validated your licence, the validity date for all services requiring a licence will be adjusted and you will be able to use them again immediately.

As soon as you have your renewed driving licence, you can revalidate it via the hvv switch app. To do this, select 'Your driving licence' in the menu and click on the button 'Validate driving licence' to enter your new driving licence data and then start the online validation.