MILES Mobility

Yes, you can park during a rental. You will need the car key, which you’ll find in the glove compartment. This allows you to lock the doors and leave the car while the rental is in progress. The cost of the rental will continue during the time that the car is parked. At the end of the rental period, please return the car key to the glove compartment and lock the car using the app.

With MILES, the parking mode is initiated via the hvv switch app. A car key is only available on the vans. Please note that the parking mode is charged per minute. Information on this can be found here.

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Please make sure that your documents to be validated are valid. For validation, you need a stable internet connection, ideally via WLAN, a working camera and a working microphone. It is best to carry out the video validation in a bright environment so that the documents with the corresponding security features can be easily recognised. If this information does not help you, please contact the hvv switch customer service.

Unfortunately not. SIXT share and MILES cars do not currently have child seats or booster seats.

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You must be in possession of valid documents and show validation to be able to make use of car sharing services. Whenever you receive new ID documents, you should have them re-validated straight away, or just before you start your journey at the latest.

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If you want to rent cars using the hvv switch app, we are obliged by the affiliated providers of these services to ensure that you are in possession of a valid driving licence. Cars can only be booked and used if all the security criteria have been met and verified in the form of a validation process.

SIXT share

offers its rental and drop-off service at Hamburg Airport and other airports where SIXT has a service region. This service is subject to additional costs. You can find out at SIXT share which locations cost extra to have vehicles rented from or returned to, as well as what costs are involved. Please note that not all SIXT share rates are valid for hvv switch. Only the functionalities of the connected partner services offered in the app can be booked using the mobility platform hvv switch.

You will find the SIXT share station at Hamburg Airport in the multi-storey car park at the P2 terminal.


offers rental and drop-off at Hamburg Airport and other selected airports located within their business areas. There are no extra costs for ending your trip or renting a car. If your journey ends at one of the airports, the barriers to the parking deck open automatically, there is no need to draw a ticket. Further information can be found here.


At Hamburg Airport, you can start and end your rental at the car-sharing parking spaces for a flat fee of €7.90 each. You can find these parking spaces here:
Car park P2, area B, upper deck (opposite Terminal 1, Departures).

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Firstly, we hope that everyone involved is okay. If not, please contact the emergency services before anything else. In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle occurring, the following must happen: All accidents or occurrences of damage must be reported to the police immediately, regardless of whether it was caused by you or a third party. Even if no third party was involved.

In principle, any accident or damage event must be reported immediately to the police (110), regardless of whether it was caused by you or a third party. Even if no third party was involved. As a renter of a SIXT share, MILES car (or a TIER eScooter), you are obliged to ensure that the respective partner receives all the information necessary to assess what is happening. Therefore, contact the respective customer service immediately by phone on site. Do not leave the scene of the accident until you have done so.

Procedure at SIXT share:

Even in the event of an accident or damage event, the rental ends only after the return of the vehicle. If the car is no longer roadworthy or roadworthy, the rental ends after consultation with the customer service with the handover to the towing company. Send your written accident report or the completed SIXT damage form – at best with photos of all damage and the location of the incident – to the SIXT share customer service. Be sure to inform SIXT share about the police file number. Please check the terms and conditions of SIXT share for a detailed procedure in the event of an accident or damage event.

Procedure at MILES:

You are obliged to report any accident by telephone to the police (110) and miles customer service. This is a requirement of the insurance and an integral part of the GTC.

If you do not report the accident to the police, you will commit a contractual penalty and you will be threatened with a penalty fee in accordance with our Price and Cost Regulations (GTC). After you have informed the police and also the MILES customer service, you should do the following:

Take photos of the accident:

  • Accident site
  • MILES vehicle
  • enemy vehicle (+ license plate) / fence / object / other obstacles etc.
  • Photo of the file number of the police

The rental must be terminated immediately after an accident.

  • You will then receive an accident report by e-mail in a timely manner.
  • Just follow the instructions described in the email.

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SIXT share

You must have a driving licence issued within the EU / EEA / Switzerland to be able to rent a car from SIXT share or MILES Mobility. We regret that driving licences issued in other countries are not accepted. An additional requirement is that you have been in possession of your driving licence for at least one year and that the driving licence is valid for at least another 28 days.

Additional requirements are that you must be at least 21 years old and have held your driving licence for at least one year.


For the rental of MILES cars you must have a driver's license issued within the EU / EEA / Switzerland. Driving licences from other issuing countries are not accepted. An additional requirement is that you must be 18 years old and have been in possession of the driving licence for at least one year.

You have the option of being validated conveniently via video call. As soon as you have selected a desired vehicle, you will be forwarded directly to the video call after entering your personal data during the first rental attempt. Validation by video call is available to you around the clock and only takes a few minutes.

Please have your driving licence and your identity card or passport ready for the video call and make sure that you have a stable internet connection, ideally via WLAN. A successfully completed video validation is valid for all car sharing providers in the app.

SIXT share offers a liability limit for any damage in the case of an accident as standard. You can find out about this at SIXT share here. It is not possible at the moment to book any alternative insurance packages with hvv switch.

MILES also offers a limitation of liability in the event of accidental damage as standard.

Miles cars are all covered by liability insurance. In the event of a self-inflicted accident, users must pay for the damage incurred within the scope of the applicable deductible. Further information can be found here.

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