The switchh card can still be used to unlock and lock cambio vehicles.

If you’d like to rent StadtRAD bikes, please use either the StadtRAD app or the terminal at the StadtRAD station. You also have the option of renting the bikes by phone. Simply call the Hamburg landline shown on the StadtRAD bike itself. The voice menu gives a quick and simple way to rent the bike. For more information, please visit the StadtRAD website.

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You have the option of being validated conveniently via video call. As soon as you have selected a desired vehicle, you will be forwarded directly to the video call after entering your personal data during the first rental attempt. Validation by video call is available to you around the clock and only takes a few minutes.

Please have your driving licence and your identity card or passport ready for the video call and make sure that you have a stable internet connection, ideally via WLAN. A successfully completed video validation is valid for all car sharing providers in the app.

You can only end the rental in the same country that the vehicle was initially rented. Either within the service region of a particular city where our sharing partner operate, at a hvv switch point within the Hamburg service region, or at a SIXT station (when you have rented a SIXT share car). You must make sure that the vehicle is properly parked in a designated parking space on a public road where parking is permitted for a 48-hour period in accordance with road traffic regulations. The rental vehicle may not be left in parking zones with parking discs or in resident parking spaces.

If you’d like to return your car to a SIXT share station, you can find more information here.

In principle, parking is not permitted in the following places or on the following areas:

  • In multi-storey car parks, underground car parks or on other covered parking spaces
  • In private parking (parking garage, backyard)
  • In residential parking lots
  • In parking spaces with a time limit, which still comes into force within 48h after parking the vehicle (see GTC).
  • On marked parking spaces for electric vehicles (exception: electric vehicles)
  • In no-parking areas that are outlined in red on the map in the hvv switch app
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SIXT share offers its rental and drop-off service at Hamburg Airport and other airports where SIXT has a service region. This service is subject to additional costs. You can find out at SIXT share which locations cost extra to have vehicles rented from or returned to, as well as what costs are involved. Please note that not all SIXT share rates are valid for hvv switch. Only the functionalities of the connected partner services offered in the app can be booked using the mobility platform hvv switch.

You will find the SIXT share station at Hamburg Airport in the multi-storey car park at the P2 terminal.

MILES offers rental and drop-off at Hamburg Airport and other selected airports located within their business areas. There are no extra costs for ending your trip or renting a car. If your journey ends at one of the airports, the barriers to the parking deck open automatically, there is no need to draw a ticket. Further information can be found here.

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This is not an error. This feature has been deliberately built into the app.

  1. It might be the case that one of the two cars is already being rented by another user. Or, in the case of an electric car, the battery might be flat and that is why it is not displayed in the app.
  2. The app only displays different cars within a radius of 1 km. In the case of similar vehicle types of a particular mobility provider, only the one that is closest to the app user will be shown.

By the way, once 5 specific vehicle options have been shown, the customer can access a new map display on the sixth screen (“Nothing for you?”) where all available cars are displayed. So if both cars mentioned are free and available, you will be able to find both on the map this way.

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Please wait until the relevant authority sends you a payment request directly. The authority that issues the request will obtain your contact details from the owner of the car sharing vehicle in order to identify the car sharing customer who was the driver of the vehicle at the time of the traffic offence. The document you will receive by post contains all the information you need to settle the payment request.

SIXT share

You will also be charged a handling fee by SIXT share, which will be settled via hvv switch using the method of payment used for the original booking. Of course, you will also be sent a receipt for this transaction by e-mail as usual.


The authority first sends MILES the ticket. As soon as you have been identified as a driver, MILES will forward this to the authority. You will then receive the ticket from MILES by e-mail. The original will be sent to you by the fine office by post.

The ticket must be transferred directly to the authority. In addition, MILES will charge you a processing fee, which we will debit from your deposited payment method.


Also in the case of TIER, it may be that a fine is levied for an administrative offence. TIER will then come to you. The cost of additional fees can be found here.

If you receive a parking ticket and you don’t think it is justified, your best option is to contact the sender of the ticket, i.e. the issuing authority, directly.

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Simply download our hvv switch app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Then open the app on your smartphone and create a hvv switch account by following the instructions in the app. It’s important that you confirm your e-mail address within 7 days. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to register by contacting hvv switch customer service.

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We use LogPay to process the payment transactions. That’s why you’ll find this name on your invoices.

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Not yet, unfortunately. But we’re working on improving the app all the time.

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There are no special restrictions in place when taking luggage onto public transport. The following luggage rules do apply for MOIA though: You can take on one item of hand luggage with you, as long as you can stow it safely in your seat area without disturbing or endangering other passengers. Larger bags or suitcases can be placed in the front compartment next to the boarding area on the shuttles, provided there is space available.

When it comes to car sharing, please be informed about the terms regarding travelling with pets on board here.

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