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Diversity includes everyone.

hvv switch is full of variety. And we strive for a philosophy that promotes diversity.

People are moving around our city every day, headed to different destinations: whether it’s to party in St. Pauli, take a riverside walk in Blankenese, network in the exhibition halls of the “Messe”, or cheer on their team from the stadium stands. Be they natives or newcomers to Hamburg, tourists or real-life sailors.

Everyone in Hamburg is different. Just like at hvv switch. The diversity of the city reflects our own diversity. We take a stand against discrimination of any kind. Because we respect the value of respect. It is the only way to move us all forward together.

In and around Hamburg, people from all different cultures, with different faiths, and from all different age groups live together. There are left-handed and right-handed people, those with different genders and sexual orientations, and both with and without disabilities.

We’re there for everyone and are committed to making sure that each individual is treated equally and is given the same opportunities.

We want diversity. And we stand for an attitude that promotes diversity.

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hvv switch is an official Captain of the FC St Pauli football club

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FC St. Pauli Football Club.

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